Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just an update for all who need to know. The transmission in my car has gone to live with Cricket in car purgatory. (I don't plan on praying either Cricket or the transmission out anytime soon. I've decided to make them think about what they have done for awhile and be really sorry). Anyway, I am at my parent's house for a few days then I plan on going BACK to Cincinnati, picking up my WORKING car, and finally heading to South Carolina. Maybe I'll make it this time. Enough said on that topic.

Ethan took his first real steps by himself today while Janette and I were on the phone. Janette screamed and I about swallowed the phone. He walked from the couch to the middle of the living room before he plopped down and Janette screamed. He just started giggling.

They have paused the movie in the family room for me so I better go.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Car's Name is "Burger!?"

The first car I ever owned was a gray 1993 Chevy Corsica. It was given to me by my Grandma Closser (on my mother's side). I named it Cricket because it was constantly making some silly noise that made me more nervous than anything I can describe. Finally, last semester the engine blew and Cricket went on to meet its eternal reward: the dump (insert smiley).
Soooooooo, last weekend I bought a new car. New to me anyway. I bought it off my Grandma Brown's (this one's on my father's side) ex-friend, Jerry, who is a used car salesman. He gave me a really good deal on a hunter green 1997 Ford Taurus. Not my first choice, but I was in dire straights and I needed a car in two weeks. My dad asked me what I was going to name this one and the only thing that I could think of was "Burger!" Why? Because it was green! What? I know I should be embarrassed, I was just kidding around, but for some reason the name stuck (there is not an innuendo intended here).
I proudly drove my "new" car, Burger, to school, packed it full of all of the junk that I would need, and started for my summer location, Columbia, South Carolina. About an hour down the road I saw a blanket of smoke billowing out of the back of my "new" car. I pulled over and before I even got out of the car prayed "God, PLEASE don't let it be anything drastic!" To make a long story short....I still don't know what is wrong. It's Memorial Day and every mechanic this side of the Mississippi is closed for the celebration. I must admit that I struggled A LOT at first with keeping my head on my shoulders. It was frustrating and I wanted to get to SC. Plus, add $15 bucks to the tow bill and I will have paid the first month's car payment!
As I look back on the situation though, I can really see how God was watching out for me. First, my parents called Saturday night and informed me that they were "not comfortable" letting me drive to SC be myself. I wasn't upset with them, just a little inconvenienced. So to appease them I waited longer than I planned to leave and was following the Stewart's. Second, I was only one hour away from school. Third, my cell phone worked. My parents didn't tell me that I couldn't drive down alone, but since they weren't real keen on me moving in the first place I decide to give in on this one. Thank God I did! I could have been stranded, scared, and an emotional basket case all alone. (I was all of the afore mentioned, I just wasn't alone)! Since I was only an hour away it was too difficult to get back to school where I have a mechanic I know and trust, where I have a safe place to stay the night, and where I have a little support system built. A little later the Stewarts called and said that almost exactly one mile down the road all cellphone signal stopped! What would I have done if I had been several hours away from school, all alone in this big scary world, AND without a cellphone? That is nervous break down material right there! Anyway, Burger is currently sitting at the shop waiting to be fixed and I am safe in the dorm typing this very long blog. God is good even when we don't recognize it!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Time for Everything!

Well, this is the first blog I have ever written. I decided that I might as well join the ranks and start posting my jargon! (It took me awhile to come up with a word that started with "j"). Anyway, I will write more later, but for now I am going to explore my new found hobby!