Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Glad that I Made It!

This title for this blog was inspired by a song title. Many times I have come through a crazy situation and then expressed myself by blaring Brooklyn Tab singing it as loud as my speakers and the Dean of Women would allow! I currently do not have a the song on my MP3, but if I did I would dance around the hotel with it at a volume higher than the recommended decibels. It has not, by any means, been a bad day. I have simply conquered the unknown and navigated through many unforeseen occurrences. Bet you're ready to hear (read) the story, huh?

Well, to inform the uninformed. After my last post I received two job offers. First, Sears Portrait Studio in the mall. Second, a nanny position that involved a summer relocation to Michigan. The benefits of this opportunity far out way the slight inconvenience of being on call 24/7. I accepted the latter offer. One of the perks is traveling. As it stands now I will spend most of my summer (what is left of it) traveling all over the country. One of my charges is a GOOD tennis player. She is ten and ranks 2nd in the Midwest, for her age bracket and like 19th in the nation. The tournament are everywhere and so I travel along to keep the younger charge occupied and the mother organized. Charge number two has ADD and then some :) She is seven. By the end of today I engaged her in a ten minute "quiet time" some I would have half a chance to catch my breath! She is a blast to hang out with and whether or not the munchkin would admit it, I know she has fun, too. I am rejoicing in the end of today because it was my first official full day. I have babysat for a couple hours for the past few weeks and helped as much as I was asked, but today was the day. I drove all the way to Kalamazoo, MI with a GPS system for the first time (Ever tried it? After I got the hang of it, it was great, but at first...I preferred Mapquest and a printer!), entertained a very hyper seven year old for hours without a TV, and gave several firm commands to our two canine traveling companions, Cutie Pie and Honey Bunnie! Over all, it has been a very fulfilling day.

Change of subject: "Peace that passeth all understanding." Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on a situation and realized throughout the whole ordeal you weren't worried? For the first time, probably in my life, I have been able to rest in God and just realized it. I don't know how to explain it, hence the "peace that passeth all understanding," but I know when it started and I know why. I know that I haven't conquered everything in my Christian walk, but this one thing I know "my Redeemer is faithful and true."

Ok, I think I am done.

Monday, June 9, 2008

On my list of things to do...

Find a job.
Find a job.
Find a job. Had one. Lost it. (Long involved story.)
Post resume on online nanny service.
Respond to email inquiring about an interview.
Set up the interview-Friday night-7pm
Find the house where the interview is to take place.
Enter duplex.
Find the mother of two children sitting in recliner.
Make small talk to aid in good first impression.
Inquire about her health.
Ignore the complaint of really bad headache.
Proceed with interview.
Note pertinent information in notebook.
Observe interviewer drop pen, clench hands.
Update health status.
Note comment about numbing hands.
Listen carefully to given info. about meds and allergies of son.
Observe interviewer clutching chest.
Stay calm.
Inquire about chest pains.
Suggest a trip to the ER.
Call cousin to help.
Stop talking to cousin.
Ask interviewer to respond.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Hang up on cousin.
Stay calm.
Call 911.
Talk to rude operator.
Calm children.
Watch EMT's take now conscious interviewer.
Attempt to give three year epileptic his meds.
Note syringes.
Call trusted friend with medical experience-no answer.
Call another trusted friend with medical experience-no answer.
Call another trusted, smart friend with no medical experience.
Hang up on friend to answer call from trusted friend number one.
Get advice.
Give meds.
Stay calm.
Contact S's father.
Answer call from S.
Note that the Dr. thinks it was a mild heart attack.
Watch Jonah-VeggieTales with children.
Wait for S's sister to arrive.
Take a deep breath.

I am pleased to inform you that I have accomplished everything on my list of things to do.