Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Thoughts and Ponderings

Well, that's start at the beginning, Christmas day. I woke up very early Christmas morning to finish making my first ever batch of homemade bread. It was actually a sweet breakfast treat called St. Lucia's bread. It turned out awesome and I must confess that I was proud.

My poor sister-in-law did not have as much luck with the baking. It was her duty to make the pumpkin pies. They looked wonderful. The crust was perfect and the filling was even. However, in the words of my beloved younger brother, "They tasted like you just took a bite of the Pacific!" Kelly somehow not only doubled the salt, but quadrupled it! She is a great cook for real and tried the pumpkin pies again on New Year's. All was well.

Though being at home is nice I finished break with a strong desire to return to my dormroom, my stuff, my closet, my computer!, and my "normal" life. Right before Christmas break I moved into a new room with a new room mate and I was anxious to get back so that I could finish putting everything away. All that to say that the first night we stayed in the room was...interesting. We have a blast together. Probably too much of a blast. (Add Jenny to the mix and we are down right crazy). Anyway, to make a long story short I was lying on the bottom bunk while Lauren made the top bunk. All of the suddened there was a bed on top of me! The bunk had fallen and Lauren was hanging over the side of the railing kicking her feet because the crash made her loose footing. I didn't move for a few minutes. Finally, we were able to remove the bed and set it up again.

I pray every night that it doesn't happen again.

(Lauren wants me to clarify that she was NOT on the bed. She was standing on mine trying to put the sheets on the top bunk. She's a genius.)