Monday, November 26, 2007

The Commentary

Thanksgiving break finally rolled around and I took advantage of the down time. Probably a little too much, the homework that I took home with good intentions never left the bag! I thought of blogging several times, but I didn't have convenient Internet access. Now I just have a lot to say.

I arrived home Wednesday evening after a long car ride in the backseat of my cousin's car. She had said yes to too many people about hitching a ride home SO it took forever to pack the car to fit everyone! We made it, but not before I had to pray several times for God to help my attitude!

Once I unloaded the car at Mom and Dad's the evening was spent vegging...well...until about 11pm. My mother decided that White Castle's sounded good. My parents and I jumped in the car and off we trucked.

Thanksgiving day was odd this year. In our family it is getting to the point where several people have moved or gotten married and have to alternate holidays. I guess it was just weird not to have everyone there. Change comes and life goes on! We did go out to my aunt and uncle's that night. That's when the real party started! lol

Now, along came Friday and with it Lauren! A friend from school spent the rest of the weekend with us. We all went to Kent and Lisa's again to watch the Colts game and Christmas movies.
Ok, let me pause the commentary here to insert another mouse story (see older post). Allow me to set the scene...Meaghan and Lauren were sitting on the loveseat directly accross from the couch on which I was sitting. My mom was in the recliner next to the loveseat and Lisa was sitting in an office chair by me. My mother very calmly states " There's a mouse." For a second we all just looked at her like she had a third eyeball, then we saw it! Apparently it came from underneath the loveseat and charged towards my couch. Feet went up everywhere. Meaghan and Lauren huddled on the loveseat. My mom reclined and laughed so hard she needed her oxygen. Lisa stood on the office chair. My feet were already on the couch, but I did scream.
The guys were watching the ball game upstairs, but after the screaming they came down to rescue us. Lisa started setting traps and my cousin Nathan started placing them under the couch. The poor mouse was frozen under there. Probably because of all the commotion from the humans. By the time it was all said and done there was a barricade of mouse traps around the couch. We caught the mouse within a few minutes.

Craziness. Anyway, lots more happened. The weekend was full of blogging moments, but now this post is EXTREMELY long and my mind is starting turn to mush.

One more thing....on Thanksgiving day.....I backed my parents 2006 Envoy into something. I am not really sure how or what, but the car was in my possession so apparently it was me!Needless to say there were a few stressful moments that morning. I'm okay though that is what is really important. Right?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Every once in awhile we college students get a day of rest. Rest from the everyday grind and tedious schedules we are forced to keep "during the best years of our life." Our brains sit idle while we laze on the couch eating potato chips and watching movies. I must say, dear friends and prayer partners, I am looking forward to it. Thanksgiving break is coming. The end is in sight.

There is, however, another thought I would like to share. Though I truly enjoy the few days at Thanksgiving to recuperate from the busyness of life, I am learning that resting on God is more important. The thought finally penetrated my mind and heart this week. God had a lot to say. The words of a song that I posted earlier kept running through my mind: "And even as I lay my all at Your feet, oh Lord, still I know You are worthy of more." Anything we can muster up just isn't good enough. Our good character, the people we please, the heartache we've have made it through, the many times we just do "the right thing"or make the right decision is not good enough. That thought is so depressing at first, but the most amazing thing is that God isn't asking us to be "good enough." He doesn't require us to prove ourselves worthy of His love and grace. He just gives it! We can actually rest on the fact that we are not perfect, and never will be, because God loves us anyway!

Truly resting is nice.

Monday, November 12, 2007

"I Will Survive"

I was putting away books in the library the other day when a friend stopped to say hello. Apparently I looked like I felt...overwhelmed and stressed out. He gave me some of the best advice I have recieved lately. "Go to your room and blare 'I Will Survive' or 'Deliver Us' from the Prince of Eygpt soundtrack." A smile surfaces thinking about it now! I plan on following the given advice...and soon!

It is short, but that is all I have to say for now.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My brain is going several different directions today so the following might seem like incoherent psychobabble.
I am very thankful for a few key people in my life. I have been thinking about what life would be like if I didn't have certain folk around. One being my mom. She was in the hospital all last weekend with bronchitis. For most people that is not a big deal, but for her it is life threatening. She has a lung disease called Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia so even a simple chest cold is dangerous. I love her! She is great and I don't relish the fact that one day she won't be here.

Janette is another one I have been thinking about. She is my bestest friend in the whole world! Enough said. She is awesome!
School. Wow. Three weeks until Thanksgiving break and we are all counting down the days. Sometimes it seems like the wonderful holiday will never arrive. I am so excited about sitting around with the family and visiting, eating, remembering, and playing games. Not having class is also a nice plus :)

We just hosted a Leadership Conference here and it turned out better than I ever thought. I must confess that I wasn't thrilled with being required to attend services every night, but H.B. London (VP of Focus on the Family) was great. He really got me thinking and probing around in my life. One of the most introspective times for me was Wednesday night. He talked about our dreams, the "Reubens" in our lives, and the cisterns in which we are caught. I learned a little about myself. It was good for me.
I got new pictures of Ethan. One is on display at the side of this blog page. He is growing up too fast! Hopefully I will get to see him over New Years.
OK. I think I am done for now. Maybe I'll post something worth reading in the next few days! Until then hope you weekend is as good as mine will be. I AM FINALLY GOING HOME!!!!!!