Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just a few quick highlights of my life.

Another school year has started and so far it has turned into a rather light semester. Another big plus is the fact that I no longer live in the girls' dorm. I have two room mates and we rein terror on campus from our campus apartment. It is great. Bittersweet though. Bitter because it signifies the end of a chapter in my life. Sweet because it signifies the beginning of another. I am so very excited about what God has planned for me.

I work off campus too. My three year old charge is amazing. I love hanging out with him.

The electricity was out for a week so the school shut down. It was beautiful (for those of us that were FORCED to find lodging elsewhere! lol) I am very ready to go back to campus though. I am pretty much a home body and I love the comfort of my own room and my routine.

Lots has happened and I even have pictures for some of the events. For example, the night Lauren and I got locked, the demolition of the guest bathroom, Vipul, and pictures of the new edition to my "sister's" family-Kaiden. But for now I am going to end this very unorganized post! The sentence structure and grammatical errors are the result of my exhaustion after a church spaghetti dinner. Until next time.....