Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Odds and Ends

Some an instrument,
Some a brush,
But me?
Just about anything will do!
(I was paid $20 bucks to "decorate!" I am going into the wrong profession)

Another birthday occurred among the office staff this week. Her gift from me? A money plant! I fold paper and money to create flowers and wala (sp?)

A random pic of Kelly with the biggest chip in the bag. Seriously I did not zoom in!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yeeppiii! I can post pictures now. Get ready. Here they come!

Remember my job in Michigan? Well, I worked a couple of weeks in Cincinnati for them and one week in Michigan. Bless their hearts, the house they were going to buy was taking longer than they thought so they were living in a hotel. I ended up going back to Cinci and then to my parents home and getting another job at a staffing agency. To the left is a picture of Lauren, the youngest charge. I know she looks adorable, but she was certainly a hand full. She kept telling me she didn't like me because I put her in timeout too much, but her dad called this morning and said she was really missing me. She needs a time0ut for lying to me! lol

My new job title is Administrative Assistant at Pro Resources Staffing. It has been a long standing joke in the library at school that when I answer the phone my voice inflection changes. Apparently I act sweeter than I am. hehe So a few summers ago I needed a job, but no one would hire me for just the summer. I finally thought of applying at a temp agency. When I talked to them on the phone they fell for my "voice trick" and hired me directly to work for them as the front desk receptionist. To make a long story short...I am working there again. I love it.

I have found a new talent. Several months ago almost a year maybe a friend's brother was killed. I couldn't afford a flower arrangement and I didn't think he would really want flowers. So I thought, Hey, he loves Reese cups...let's make a "flower" arrangement with them. So that is how it got started. Yesterday my new talent was put to use again when we celebrated a co-worker's b-day.
Below is the birthday girl! Brandy takes care of all the unemployment and workman's comp. claims in our office. Last Sunday was her b-day, but we were so busy that we had to put off her celebration until yesterday. The little nerd (meant in the nicest way possible) is leaving for bigger and better things soon. We will miss her. :(

Meet Ginger and Emma. They were adopted by my brother and sister-in-law a few weeks ago. Both are female so we call them The Ladies. What makes me laugh is that when talking to the crazy things Justin and Kelly refer to themselves as Mom and Dad, my parents are Grandma and Grandpa. So that makes me Aunt Jo! Well, guys meet my two furry twin nieces. Weird.

Just because I am proud of this fact....I wrote this blog backwards. When I tried to upload a picture it kept placing it above instead of below the other pics so I decided to post the one I wanted last first. Aww, who cares?! I was too excited that I could finally post pictures.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Martyr's Song

Martyr's Song
Sing O son of Zion
Shout O child of mine
Rejoice with all your heart and soul and mind
For you are finally home
I’ve been waiting to dance with you
In fields full of colors you’ve never seen
I’ve been waiting to show you beauty
You never dreamed that’s always been in you
I’ve been waiting to see you tremble as you’re embraced
By a world saturated with my love
I’ve been waiting for the day when at last I get to say
My child you are finally home
Sing O son of Zion
Shout O child of mine
Rejoice with all your heart and soul and mind
For you are finally home
I’ve been waiting to watch you realize
What all your longing was for
I’ve been waiting to show you the thread of grace
That ran through all your pain
I’ve been waiting to let you drink the water of which
Your greatest joy on earth was just a taste
I’ve been waiting for the day when at last I get to say
My child you are finally home
Sing O son of Zion
Shout O child of mine
Rejoice with all your heart and soul and mind
Sing O daughter of Zion
Cry out O child of mine
Dance with all the strength that you can find
For you are finally home
Every tear you cried dried in the palm of my hand
Every lonely hour was by my side
Every loved one lost, every river crossed
Every moment, every hour was pointing to this day
Longing for this day…

Written by Todd Agnew
'nough said.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jo's Jolting Journey

Well, dear friends, I am considering a name change. Not my personal name, but the name of my blog. Speaking of a change in name directs my thoughts to the change of ones name when one is married. This in turn makes me think about dating which again causes me to ponder the "relationship status" option on the illustrious Facebook site.

***"Ahhumm." Clearing her throat she stepped up on her soapbox.

What is the purpose of this option? It makes my laugh wholeheartedly. Say you begin your Facebook page with the declaration that you are single. A few weeks into the new school year you meet your "one true love." Time to change your status. All is well for several weeks (some make it months) then the relationship status is on the proverbial rocks. So now "It's complicated?" This particular status, in my personal opinion, serves a dual purpose..."I want to date, but he/she won't date me." So at best "it's complicated" advertises that a relationship is struggling and reader should wait patiently for an update. If couples counseling (well intended friends determined to give well meaning relationship advice) works well status update is "in a relationship." If not "single" is the best option. Let's not forget that all of this is publically displayed for your "friends" on the Facebook home page. Then you have to deal with all your friends inquiring about why you are now "single." How stressful!

Now let me say that I am not, by any means, demeaning those who choose to utilize this option. You are simply stronger than I am, which is why I chose to remove that option from my profile. When I removed it the feed on the home page stated "Kimberly is no longer single." For all of my friends that are inquiring...wait patiently.

The explanation of a name change will have to wait. This post is getting too long.